Boasting recent World and European Cup triumphs, and with the last three consecutive Champions League  winners heralding from Spain, in Barcelona and Real Madrid, there is no denying the nation’s position at the helm of World football, and with that, its suitability as the ideal destination for any touring football team.

The Spanish national team’s distinctive style of playing,  more commonly know as Tiki-taka, is characterized by short passes, maintaining possession, and working the ball through various channels. Many believe this to be the key to their phenomenal success in recent years, and this is also why the destination proves so popular for touring sides, with hundreds of teams flocking to Spain each year on school football tours. 

With the allure of La Liga’s fantastic array of professional coaching experiences,  World class facilities, and playing host to some of Football’s biggest legends, its not surprising really.

Football aside, the country is entrenched in history and culture, not forgetting the endless days of sunshine, which you can enjoy well into the autumn and winter months.

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