Customer Commitment

When you’re booking your tour we will

  • treat you as an individual

    and listen to you and your team’s needs

  • give you friendly service

    and efficient, knowledgeable advice

  • be honest about our events

    so you know exactly what you can expect

  • answer all your questions

    talk to your dedicated tour manager

In the build-up to your tour we will

  • handle your booking

    from departure to arrival

  • provide essential information

    everything you need to prepare in good time

  • provide support

    with any additional requirements you may have

  • give accurate & detailed info

    so you don't have to worry before departure

During your tour we will

  • deliver a great event

    that meets or exceeds your expectations

  • provide experienced coaches

    who will inform, inspire and share their knowledge with your teams

  • ensure health & safety

    with risk management at the heart of all planning, so you can relax and enjoy the tour with the same enthusiasm as your team

  • give you a valuable experience

    that your team can use to develop their ability and passion for sport

After your tour we will

  • encourage & listen to feedback

    so we can improve our service and make changes where we can

  • value your loyalty

    and welcome you back for future events or tours

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