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The Effect of the Russian Doping Scandal

The effect of the Russian doping scandal on Rio 2016

After Nik Chamberlain's account on the Russian doping scandal last week, MasterClass' Laura Washington continues the debate on what impact this saga will have on the Rio Games...

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The Cost of Winning

Russian Olympic Doping Scandal

As the continuing number of Russian Olympic athletes banned from Rio 2016 continues to rise, doping, once again is a main topic of discussion.

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England Netball squad selected for inaugural Quad Series

England Netball announce the Roses squad selected to compete in the first ever Quad Series to be played in Australia and New Zealand which commences next month.

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Disadvantaged, handicapped and limiting disabilities!

Wendy Russel Deaf Hockey Coach

During my time setting up deaf hockey I wanted to know how and when other coaches get their first experiences of looking at how to provide, support and coach those that have a "disability"

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'Unlucky!' – I hear you cry

I am sure we have all at some point in our careers either used the word unlucky when coaching or hear team mates say it to one another.

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