Focus on England Netball Performance Coach Dannii Titmus

Luke Farrugia

Dannii Titmuss england netball performance coach

Ahead of our coaching masterclass roadshow next week, in association with England Netball and Fiat, we had a chat with Performance Pathway Coach Danielle Titmuss, one of the guest coaches who'll be leading the sessions for us, about all things netball.

How long have you been coaching for and how did you first get involved in the sport?         

I began coaching when I was 14 at Turnford Netball Club, taking the U12 'B' team in my sisters age group and fell in love with coaching. My mum was a very keen netballer and coach, so really I was always going to be involved in netball.

What would you say your biggest coaching accolade to date was?

There's a fews things i'm really proud of. This year having 8 athletes selected for the National Academy (a quarter of the total athletes) was a really proud moment for myself and the London & South East Region, moving to Australia to work with Sydney University, becoming Major and Minor premiers in State League and winning U14 State Champs would be up there too. 

What do you think has had the biggest impact on improving the quality of elite players across the country?

The volume of International athletes playing in ANZ, and then returning the the VNSL; Athletes & Coaches having the opportunity to work with imports in VNSL teams. Increasing the amount of coach contact time with the full time programme will definitely have an impact

How do you see the game evolving over the next 5 years?

 I believe the game will continue to become more professional - following Australia's lead - more players will be able to become full time athletes. I think the game will become more physical on court, athletes will be faster, stronger and have greater knowledge of the game - i'm sure it'll be very exciting!

What is your most memorable tour experience?

I'm lucky enough to have been on several netball tours. But one a my favourite memories was touring St Lucia, and being in the most beautiful turquoise sea with the rest of my squad.  

If you could choose one destination to go on netball tour to, where would it be and why?

Probably back to Sydney, its a great place to visit, I have heaps of friends there and the netball's pretty decent too!

Catch Dannii Titmuss coaching at St George's School in Weybridge on Monday 26th September, as part of our masterclass coaching series in association with England Netball and Fiat.

Should you wish to enquire about our exciting range of netball tours in official partnership with England Netball, then please contact us today.